Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Start of a Wonderful Partnership

Here at Professional’s Choice, we are firm believers in our company’s motto: “The more Comfortable the Horse the Better the Performance”. No two people believe in that motto more than Professional’s Choice founder Dal Scott, and one of our longest endorsee’s, John Lyons. These two men have long shared similar business minds, concurrent with the goal of keeping horses healthy and sound.

They met in 1988, at the Houston Rodeo and Livestock show. Dal was promoting his fledgling business and John was giving demonstrations. John stopped by the booth and was impressed by Dal’s radically different boot design from Professional’s Choice. Back in 1988, horse protection wasn’t such a high concern. According to John, “Dal Scott is responsible for many people using protective leg wear or protection on horses.” The only boots available during those days were simple leather splint boots or some leather hind boots for reiner's. John picked up a pair of boots, and quickly developed a respect for the thought and care that went into their design. When talking to John on the phone, he emphasized that he promoted the products without becoming a sponsor, because he truly believed in them. He believed in the product first, over time developed his friendship with Dal, and only after the passage of 10 years became an endorser. This is truly what Professional’s Choice calls a meaningful partnership, having our endorser’s use our products solely because they believe in them.

John traveled for years promoting his program and simultaneously using Professional’s Choice boots. Dal was impressed at one symposium, when with horrible acoustics and an attendance of 35 people, John gave his same amazing demonstration as he normally does before a crowd of hundreds. This one performance spoke silent volumes of testimony about John’s professionalism and dedication. After spending many years as friends and business partners, John suggested that Dal form a partnership with Wrangler. This idea went on to make Wrangler one of our strongest partnerships; one that still exists today. From traveling so much, John has encountered a number of copycat products trying to emulate the Professional’s Choice sports medicine boot. But we remain the only company to have put our boots through rigorous testing both with real scientists and with personal use. John enjoys having Dal send him new products, just to get his opinion and to see if they would apply to all horsemen. There is no room in this small piece of how two great friends, Dal Scott and John Lyons met, to tell all their great tales and adventures. We hope that this “behind the scenes story” will leave you with an insight to the amazing relationships the endorsers we all admire have with Professional’s Choice.

Check out John Lyon's website here: http://www.johnlyons.com/about/aboutjohnlyons.php

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